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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ruger LCP going to the range: FINALLY!

Well the much anticipated range date is coming this Friday for the little Ruger LCP! I have a few hundred rounds loaded and making a few more......not hundred! The load I am testing is a 95 grain jacketed bullet with Power Pistol powder at 4.2 grains. Most COAL fall between .979 and .982 which is within limits set forth by the Lee manual. This should put the little bullet down range roughly around 968 fps give or take. No chrono so I will not be able to give feedback there, sorry. Mainly I wish to see how the recoil and feeding of this round will be and overall accuracy at nominal distances one would shoot this gun at in a real life situation. I hope it all goes as anticipated and I am sure it will. I will even be testing some semi-hot .357 loads and will give feedback there as well. So what's been happening????? I have to get my CDL to drive a bureau vehicle that requires one. I have studied and finally took the written part today at the DMV office and passed both basic and air brakes. If I get a passenger rating after I perform the driving portion I may even be able to become a tour bus driver! That is my fall back career! Maybe one of these musical groups that need a driver and will pay big money will hire me. So stay tuned for my write up of this little pocket gun. And as always, feedback is very welcomed and I would love if anyone has range time with this gun to chime in. See attached video of the quick review and nomenclature of the gun.


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