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Friday, December 17, 2010

Ruger LCP results...........

Well this is one week late but none the less I finally found range time with this little .380 pistol. I fired approximately 100 rounds of 95 grain FMJ's from the little pocket pistol loaded with 4.2 grains Power Pistol powder. I have to say this gun was a little kicker to a degree.

The magazines inserted easily and the rounds cycled with no issues with only one stove pipe. I assume that cam from me limp wristing the pistol.

The recoil was like I stated noticeable but managable in my hand.

There was no excessive fouling or unburned powder when I inspected the ejected casings and barrel and magazine well.

No misfires or squib (underloaded) rounds as well.

The patterns were fairly consistent from being shot at 7 yards. I kept most rounds in a 6" circle while trying to get familiar with the pistol and finding the best hand placement for the gun.

Once I found a hold I favored I placed a target just beyond 7 yards with four individual 3" circles.

I fired at these targets center mass and most shots were within 1.5"-2" of the center.

My hand was somewhat feeling some recoil fatigue because it does pack some kick but overall a great little pocket pistol for sure.

The cleanup of the pistol was easy and back in service in about 15-20 minutes!

If you really need a very small .380 caliber that is accurate for what it is and performs with great reliability then Ruger has one for you.

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